I don’t know where to start. I feel so blessed. 2016 has been a year that I never gonna forget. When this year started I had so much to look forward to but how it turned out to be is far away from what I could imagine. It has definitely been a roller coaster and I have experienced so many good but also bad things.

The biggest thing that happend to me this year was when I moved to London. That is the best decision that I have done in my life. I’m so proud of myself that I took that step. I have got to know so many new people and I have got so many new friends, so many doors har been opened and many more opportunities. 

The second best thing that happend to me this year is when I met Ida. I feel so lucky to call you my best friend and my partner in crime. I would never be where I am right know if it wasn’t for you! I can’t wait for what 2017 is going to bring! But I know for sure is going to be AMAZING!